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ASoIaF kink meme masterlist

Fulfilled requests, sorted by pairings

D&E era, Aerion/Daeron, dubcon, dominance and submission - fic

Arya/Gendry, new positions - fic

Asha/other female character of your choosing - fic (Asha/Margaery)

Bronn/Catelyn, mercenary - fic

Cersei/anyone, dildo - fic (Cersei/Theon)

Davos/Melisandre/Stannis, fuck or die; bonus if you include the line "I lied" - fic

Jaime/Brienne, drowsy wakeup sex - fic

Littlefinger/Sansa, daddy themes - fic, fic

Ned/Catelyn, cunnilingus - fic, art

Petyr/Edmure, rough sex - fic

Renly/Loras, jealous sex - fic
Renly/Loras, first time (Loras is somewhere between 12 and 15) - fic

Robert/Catelyn, loss of control - fic

younger!Robert/Ned/Cat, drunk, watching - fic, fic

Sansa, masturbation, all of her love interests (Joffrey, Loras, Hound, Tyrion, Dontos, Marillion, LF) - fic

Sansa/Sandor, cuddling - fic, fic
Sansa/Sandor, knifeplay - fic
Sansa/Sandor, her accidentally (?) spying on him as he masturbates - fic
(older, legal!)Sansa/Sandor titty-fucking - fic

Stannis/Davos, subtle flirtation - fic, fic

Stannis/Loras, Loras misses Renly and Stannis wonders about Renly's lifestyle - fic

Theon/Catelyn, pregnancy (or breastfeeding) - fic

Theon/Jon, dubcon - fic

Theon/Jon/Robb, submissive!Robb, double penetration - fic
Thejobb (Theon/Jon/Robb), Highschool AU, shower sex - fic

Theon/Robb, a very submissive Robb - fic, fic
Theon/Robb, frottage - fic

Victarion/Euron/female character or OFC, double penetration - fic

Unfulfilled requests, sorted by page

Page 1
Bronn/Sansa, courtship and/or seduction as a game
Jaime/Catelyn/Cersei, sharing
Petyr/Sansa, just barely consensual. Bonus for mixed emotions on Sansa's part.
Rhaegar/Jaime, dubcon, introspective
Loras/Jaime, guilt and shame
Sansa/Petyr, older!badass!politics!Sansa gets some revenge on her mentor
Asha/Theon, seduction and shame
Jaime/Cersei, non-obvious public sex
Rhaegar/Ashara, grudge sex

Page 2
Cersei/Margaery, power issues
Theon/Jon, submissive!Jon
D&E era:Baelor Breakspear/female character(his wife?),cultural modesty
Cersei, wet dream
Cersei tops Dany so hard
young!Catelyn/Petyr/Lysa, experiment
Catelyn/Jon, (in that order), shame and punishment
Renly/Loras cigar-smoking sex
Teenaged Petyr/Catelyn. Completely reciprocal sex. NOW THERE'S A KINK.
Ned/Robert/Lyanna, voyeurism
Tywin/Shae, femdom
Dany/Irri, nipple and/or clit piercing
Shiera/Bloodraven, knife play
Sansa/Theon, strap-on
Dany/Victarion, Dany on top
Oberyn/Renly, first time

Page 3
Oberyn/Willas, light bondage, very clear dom/sub roles.
Stannis, Renly/Loras, voyeurism
Sam/Jon, fantasies become reality
Sandor/Sansa, sex during pregnancy (father's identity is up to you.)
Irri/Jhiqui/Dany, one of the handmaidens is forced by the other to top Dany.
Asha/Theon, orgasm denial
Cersei/Robert, anal
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