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ASoIaF Kink Meme - Round 2

Presenting round two of the ASoIaF kink meme.

How it works

1. Anonymously request a pairing/threesome/moresome(het, slash, and femslash are all welcome), plus a kink. Any and all kinks are welcome. One request per comment.
2. Fulfill a request, via fic or art, also anonymously. Post your fic or art as a reply to the requesting comment.
3. Be nice. No character/pairing bashing, no mean-spirited comments, etc.

Other things to keep in mind

-The meme doesn't work if you just request stuff. Try to fulfill other people's requests, too.
-More than one response to a prompt is allowed, and in fact, encouraged. The more porn (or whatever) the better.
-Not everything actually has to be porn, though, that said. Fluff, serious drama stuff, etc. is also allowed.
- Here is a list of kinks, if you need ideas.

ETA: Fulfilled requests, sorted by pairings
Asha/Theon, talking dirty - art
Catelyn/Jon, discipline and shame - fic
Dany/Irri, fisting - fic
Dany/Irri/Jhiqui, toys - fic
Jaime/Cersei, cross-dressing - fic
Lyanna/Robert, risk of getting caught - art
non-pedo!Lyn Corbray/Bronn, alpha males/dominance jockeying - fic
Ned/Catelyn, anal - art
Ned/Lyanna/Robert, she masturbates for them - fic
Young!Olenna/Young!Luthor, teasing - fic
Sandor/Sansa, collar (could include breathplay) - fic
Sansa/Jon, cunnilungus - fic
Sansa/Littlefinger, Sandor voy - fic
Sansa/Sandor, Celibacy (straight from the kinks list: e.g., someone's celibacy as a challenge to seduction) - fic
Theon/Asha/Tristifer, humiliation - fic

Unfulfilled requests, sorted by page
Page 1
Euron/Theon, CBT
Sandor/Sansa, D/s
Jon/Theon/Robb, bukkake
Asha/Theon, orgasm denial
Oberyn/Ellaria/Willas, double penetration
Dany/Victarion, held down
Jaime/Brienne, public or semi-public setting
Robb/Theon, watersports
Teenaged Petyr fantasizing about Catelyn and masturbating
Willas/Oberyn, a shy Willas tops for the first time
Viserys/Theon, wake the dragon
Margaery/Taena, bite marks
Petyr/Edmure, facial
Edmure/Petyr, teenaged experimentation
Margaery/Sansa, super virginal Sansa eager to learn and a super experienced Margaery happy to teach
Page 2
young!Aerys/young!Olenna, fighting for control in bed, very rough and exuberant sex
Dunk/Daeron, snark
Bronn/Cersei, knifeplay
Oberyn/Loras, size queen
Jon/Robb, forbidden
Dany/Irri, Dany reciprocating Irri's favor
Jon/Dany/Sansa, marriage
Sansa/Sandor, sex on horseback
Baelor/Maekar,dominance and submission
Sansa/Sandor, Petyr voyeur (perhaps an unwilling one?)
Cersei/Theon, begging
Renly/Petyr, snark
Ned/Catelyn, chair!sex
Cersei/Margaery, struggle for dominance
Ned/Robert, mutual masturbation
Arya/Gendry, fighting that turns into fucking
Dany/Sansa, Dany topping Sansa
Cersei/Sansa, light bondage
older!Arya/older!Sansa, Arya topping
older!Arya/older!Edric, femdom
Bronn/Loras, Bronn on top
Dany/Grey Worm, pegging (Dany tops)
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